Who we are

DeltaP® is a services company for the oil and gas industry.
Its principal research is the software UniTest®, which contains three analysis modules:

  • UniTest® PTA: Pressure Transient Analysis.
  • UniTest® RDA: Rate Decline Analysis.
  • UniTest® PLT: Analysis of Production Logs.

Following services are also offered:

  • Consulting and Well Testing interpretations
  • Slick Line Services
  • Production/ Injection Logging PLT/ILT
  • Downhole Equipment Services
  • Well Testing with Wireless Data Transmission System

Our main customers are in Mexico and in Neuquén Basin in Argentina. They have already been analyzed and interpreted about 850 wells.


DeltaP S.A. is a providing products and services company for the oil and gas industry. It operates with high standards of fair business, making activities with quality, efficiency and safety, providing solutions that brings high added value and allows firm bonds of trust with their customers.


DeltaP S.A. seeks to strengthen its operations over time, confirming the confidence given by its customers, offering innovative solutions and increasing products and services quality, basing its action on the professional and personal development of its staff, constructive social interaction with community and protection of the environment.



  • Professionalism
  • Responsibility
  • Quality
  • Seriousness
  • Honesty
  • People

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